Urban communities face the same challenges as any business would, because they are integrated directly into largely commercial areas. When parking is scarce and space is at a premium, many communities develop garages, and other spaces where security, accessibility and profit can be managed.

In residential parking lots and garages, the residents will use the space daily, and their impression of your business has to be managed over a longer period of time. Especially in these circumstances, it’s vitally important to maintain the space and keep up appearances. Beyond that, your residents’ needs often require personal service. Training and developing a courteous staff takes time and experience; and Platinum Parking has the resources you need to accommodate your residents.

Urban residences are often premium locations where residents can afford to expect the best quality of service. Including valet service for your residents is an excellent way to stand out amongst your competition. Advantage Valet has the experience and personnel necessary to make every resident feel like a VIP.