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Operating a parking lot (or valet service) as a revenue center is a full-time proposition, requiring staff, management, training, maintenance and observation. If managing properties isn’t the primary focus of your business, Advantage Valet & Platinum Parking can partner with you and assist in building this part of your business.

Liability, quality assurance, and cash flow management are the most important considerations when developing your plan for managing your parking lots.

Parking Lot Management in Dallas/Fort Worth Assess the variables in your lot’s space. Balance the space you have to accommodate the maximum number of parking spots, while giving your guests enough space to easily move about without creating damage in anyone’s property. Consider the impression your guests will have their experience with you. Will they feel safe? Are they concerned about their property being damaged? Is navigation confusing?

Are your guests comfortable with your payment methods and prices, and are they properly motivated to respect your terms?  The quality of your visitors’ experience at your location is greatly affected by how easy it is for them to arrive and depart without complications, or poor service, or the concern about their security.

Paid ParkingThe people you employ to manage your parking lot are your first line of defense against liability, and they are the ambassadors of your organization. Their service, and the condition of your lot, can be a statement of your commitment to excellence; or it can be a distraction to the positive impression the rest of your business will leave with your customers. Our years of experience in parking management and valet services have enabled us to create a training program for our own employees to teach courtesy, professionalism, safety, maintenance and protocol. Benefit from our expertise by working with Advantage Valet and Platinum Parking to train a staff of friendly, polite, reliable and expedient professionals.

Set up your business for safe, simple and successful collection of parking lot revenue by working with a leader in the Dallas/Fort Worth area’s valet & parking services industry. Advantage Valet and Platinum Parking are proud to support a long list of satisfied clients and partners across Texas; and will work hard to earn your business.

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