Additional Services

Quality of service is all about the little details. To make your guests really feel like VIPs, request one of the fantastic finishing touches here from our additional services. When your guests enjoy their stay at your event, or place of business, make that positive impression a lasting one with one of a time-tested technique such as:

Fully Uniformed Employees (specific uniforms can be requested)
Advantage employees are always presented with crisp uniforms, special attire may be requested

Prompt greeting of incoming guests
A friendly greeting, and a warm smile will set the tone for your guests’ visit. Request that your attendants use a particular greeting, or convey a message, if you wish.

Coat Check
Be courteous to your guests in all seasons by requesting a coat check service to complement valet.

Leave A Parting Gift
Give your special guests a neatly wrapped gift to demonstrate your lasting gratitude.

Insert Advertising Materials
There’s no better time to set up for the next sale, than at the end of the last one.

Tools of the Trade
We will supply these items, as necessary: Valet Box / Cones / 2- ways / Claim tickets / Flashlights / Jumper Cables

Directional Road Signs
Signage isn’t just about information, it’s about safety and convenience.

Assistance to facility management with general tasks
Our staff is trained to be courteous and helpful, to your guests and your staff as well.

Explanation of parking procedures
Parking management isn’t exactly a science, but we try to make it simple, and any of our knowledgeable staff are happy to help explain our system.

Hospitality services to visiting guests
Concierge-style service can be made available to your guests.

Adherence to establishment policies & procedures
It’s your business how to operate your event or establishment. Our job is to do what we do, the way you prefer.

Roadside assistance operations for customers
With a little extra preparation, we can ensure the safety and comfort of your guests even after they depart.