Special Events

Planning an event can be complicated. Finding all the right vendors to supply the decorations, furniture, catering and more; is a time-consuming matter. It also involves a lot of trust. Your vendors are your partners in making an event succeed. It is all too easy for one small problem to negatively affect the perception of your guests.

We can handle valet any event and at any scaleThough the parking for an event can often be out-of-sight, and out-of-mind, the affect that it has on your guests can be profound. Imagine that you have a spectacular event planned and all of it goes off without a hitch…except for the entrance and exit of your honored guests. The first and last impressions of your event (and therefore you, and your product) are completely in the hands of the valet service you select.

Advantage Valet employees take pride in providing excellent service and returning your guests to their transportation without incident. Our professionalism and unparalleled courtesy and attention to detail clearly demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction. Enjoy the advantage, choose the most trusted valet company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.