Planning an event can be complicated. Finding all the right vendors to supply the decorations, furniture, catering and more; is a time-consuming matter. It also involves a lot of trust. Your vendors are your partners in making an event succeed. It is all too easy for one small problem to negatively affect the perception of your guests.

We can handle valet any event and at any scaleThough the parking for an event can often be out-of-sight, and out-of-mind, the effect it has on your guests can be profound. Imagine that you have a spectacular event planned and all of it goes off without a hitch…except for the entrance and exit of your honored guests. The first and last impressions of your event (and therefore you, and your product) are completely in the hands of the valet service you select.

Platinum Parking employees take pride in providing excellent service and returning your guests to their transportation without incident. Our professionalism and unparalleled courtesy and attention to detail clearly demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction.


A wedding can take months, and even years, to plan. A couple planning a wedding wants everything to be flawless, and rightfully so. After selecting the perfect wedding dress, attire for the groomsmen, flowers, decorations, cakes, and so many other important little details; it might seem like parking is the least of your concerns. And it should be!

Advantage Valet - Perfect Service For The Perfect WeddingBut little things can go wrong, and the stress of planning and executing the perfect wedding can put your special day in jeopardy. Save yourself the effort, and enjoy your wedding day to the fullest by trusting Platinum Parking with all your arrival and departure concerns. Let us take care of the details, and we will give your honored guests the smooth entrance and exit fitting for your special day.

The right location for your wedding may not be able to comfortably accommodate the number of guests that will attend your wedding. Don’t let parking decide the setting of your wedding; instead, trust Platinum Parking to expertly accommodate your guests. We promise that you won’t think about us at all, because you’ll be too busy enjoying your new matrimonial bliss.


Busy restaurants create a lot of traffic. Especially in urban areas where parking can be very limited. Don’t allow your business to suffer from a lack of accessibility. Curbside valet serves your customers’ needs without sacrificing space or costing you the maintenance of a parking lot. Customers make decisions about where they want to eat based on more than just how the food tastes. The entire experience is judged from start to finish. They will decide to visit your establishment if your amazing food is supported by easy, safe access and courteous service.

Advantage Valet - Top Notch Service For Your Restaurant's PatronsPlatinum Parking manages the difficulties of downtown and urban parking with professionalism and delicate care. We will provide your patrons with the comfort of knowing their vehicles and possessions are safe in our hands. Our track record speaks for itself, and our commitment to customer satisfaction (both yours and that of your guests) is our highest priority.

Offering complimentary valet service can help your restaurant stand out amongst its competition; and will treat your patrons to a VIP experience. Contact Platinum Parking today to learn more about the benefits your business will receive from adding valet services to your customers’ experience.


Valet service and hotels are a natural combination. This becomes especially important in metropolitan and urban areas where adjacent parking and street access are very limited. Fortunately, with trained professionals, you can keep the flow of traffic smooth and light and appear welcoming to your guests without generating concern for the security of their belongings and the ease of their eventual departure.

We provide valet services to hotels

Appearance, and professional courtesy, are always a major priority. But, certain clientele requires a special level of treatment; and making a fantastic impression with your best customers always returns the value in the end. Therefore, trust professionals with a long history of satisfying customers and allow Platinum Parking to operate your valet services to our highest standards of quality.

We maintain an immaculate workspace, with a small footprint, and an easily recognizable appearance. Our techniques evoke to your arriving guests the sense that they are in the right place, and that our reliable valet services will allow them to go on with their visit without concern.


Quality of service is all about the little details. To make your guests really feel like VIPs, request one of the fantastic finishing touches here from our additional services. When your guests enjoy their stay at your event, or place of business, make that positive impression a lasting one with one of a time-tested technique such as:

Fully Uniformed Employees (specific uniforms can be requested)
Platinum Parking employees are always presented with crisp uniforms, special attire may be requested

Prompt greeting of incoming guests
A friendly greeting, and a warm smile will set the tone for your guests’ visit. Request that your attendants use a particular greeting, or convey a message, if you wish.

Coat Check
Be courteous to your guests in all seasons by requesting a coat check service to complement valet.

Leave A Parting Gift
Give your special guests a neatly wrapped gift to demonstrate your lasting gratitude.

Insert Advertising Materials
There’s no better time to set up for the next sale, than at the end of the last one.

Tools of the Trade
We will supply these items, as necessary: Valet Box / Cones / 2- ways / Claim tickets / Flashlights / Jumper Cables

Directional Road Signs
Signage isn’t just about information, it’s about safety and convenience.

Assistance to facility management with general tasks
Our staff is trained to be courteous and helpful, to your guests and your staff as well.

Explanation of parking procedures
Parking management isn’t exactly a science, but we try to make it simple, and any of our knowledgeable staff are happy to help explain our system.

Hospitality services to visiting guests
Concierge-style service can be made available to your guests.

Adherence to establishment policies & procedures
It’s your business how to operate your event or establishment. Our job is to do what we do, the way you prefer.

Roadside assistance operations for customers
With a little extra preparation, we can ensure the safety and comfort of your guests even after they depart.


The key to getting off on the right foot with your guests is to treat them to an easy transition from the parking lot to their destination. A smile and some friendly, professional valet service will make a lasting first impression.

Our employees will attend to the needs of your guests, and maximize your parking lot management. Make the most efficient use of your parking lot space by allowing our attendants to cater to your guests, and then safely park their vehicles in what parking lot you have available.

Uniformed, attentive and trustworthy, our valet attendants are courteous, responsible and timely; and will provide prompt and safe valet service to your guests.

Planning a big event? Using Platinum Parking valet service to simplify your event allows you to manage your time better. The value of a good first impression is immeasurable, and our professional valet attendants can give you control over those crucial first for moments with every guest.

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